Configuration for Invenio-Theme.

invenio_theme.config.ADMIN_BASE_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/page_admin.html'

Base template for the administration interface.

The template changes the administration interface from using a standard Bootstrap interface to using AdminLTE 2.

The variable is defined in Invenio-Admin which will use the value defined here if Invenio-Theme is installed.

invenio_theme.config.BASE_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/page.html'

Base template for user facing pages.

The template provides a basic skeleton which takes care of loading assets, embedding header metadata and define basic template blocks. All other user facing templates usually extends from this template and thus changing this template allows to change design and layout of Invenio.

invenio_theme.config.COVER_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/page_cover.html'

Cover page template normally used e.g. for login and sign up pages.

invenio_theme.config.SETTINGS_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/page_settings.html'

Settings page template used for e.g. display user settings views.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_401_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/401.html'

The template used for 401 Unauthorized errors.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_403_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/403.html'

The template used for 403 Forbidden errors.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_404_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/404.html'

The template used for 404 Not Found errors.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_429_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/429.html'

The template used for 429 Too Many Requests errors.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_500_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/500.html'

The template used for 500 Internal Server Error errors.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_BASE_TEMPLATE = None

Template which all templates in Invenio-Theme all extends from.

Defaults to value of BASE_TEMPLATE.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_BREADCRUMB_ROOT_ENDPOINT = ''

The endpoint for the Home view in the breadcrumbs.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_COVER_TEMPLATE = None

Template which all cover templates in Invenio-Theme all extends from.

Defaults to value of COVER_TEMPLATE.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_ERROR_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/page_error.html'

Base template for error pages.

Footer template which is normally included in BASE_TEMPLATE.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_FRONTPAGE = False

Enable or disable basic frontpage view.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_FRONTPAGE_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/frontpage.html'

Template for front page.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_FRONTPAGE_TITLE = u'Invenio'

The title shown on the fronpage.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_GOOGLE_SITE_VERIFICATION = []

List of Google Site Verification tokens to be used.

This adds the Google Site Verfication into the meta tags of all pages.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_HEADER_LOGIN_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/header_login.html'

Header login template, included in THEME_HEADER_TEMPLATE.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_HEADER_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/header.html'

Header template which is normally included in BASE_TEMPLATE.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_JAVASCRIPT_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/javascript.html'

Javascript assets template, normally included in BASE_TEMPLATE.

The default template just includes the Invenio-Theme JavaScript bundle. Set a new template if you would like to customize which JavaScript assets are included on all pages.

The logo to be used on the header and on the cover.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_LOGO_ADMIN = 'images/invenio-white.svg'

The logo to be used on the admin views header.

Enable or disable the header search bar.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_SEARCH_ENDPOINT = '/search'

The endpoint for the search bar.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_SETTINGS_TEMPLATE = None

Template which all settings templates in Invenio-Theme all extends from.

Defaults to value of SETTINGS_TEMPLATE.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_SITENAME = u'Invenio'

The name of the site to be used on the header and as a title.

invenio_theme.config.THEME_TRACKINGCODE_TEMPLATE = 'invenio_theme/trackingcode.html'

Template for including a tracking code for web analytics.

The default template does not include any tracking code.